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ECD1001 I’ll Drink Your Bath Water Baby Ollie Nightingale
ECD1002 It’s Sweet On The Backstreet Charles Wilson
ECD1003 Sneakin’ Back Bill Coday
ECD1004 Something Good For You Chuck Roberson
ECD1005 Tell Me What You Want Me To Do Ollie Nightingale
ECD1006 Hot Shot Lee Shot Williams
ECD1007 Footprints On The Ceiling Barbara Carr
ECD1008 Can’t Get Enough Bill Coday
ECD1009 Meet Me Tonight Chuck Roberson
ECD1010 The Best Of Ecko Records, Vol. I Various
ECD1011 Make It Sweet Ollie Nightingale
ECD1012 It’s A Beach Thang, Vol. I Various
ECD1013 RUFUS LIVE ! Rufus Thomas
ECD1014 Cover You With A Kiss Quinn Golden
ECD1015 Bone Me Like You Own Me Barbara Carr
ECD1016 It’s A Beach Thang, Vol. II Various
ECD1017 Juke Joint Saturday Night “Juke Box Hits” Various
ECD1018 Love Seat Charles Wilson
ECD1019 Ollie Style Ollie Nightingale
ECD1020 Put Me In The Mood Bill Coday
ECD1021 Love Power Chuck Roberson
ECD1022 What A Woman Wants Barbara Carr
ECD1023 It Ain’t The Size Charles Wilson
ECD1024 What’s The Name Of That Thang? Quinn Golden
ECD1025 The Best Of Ollie Nightingale Ollie Nightingale
ECD1026 Wonderful Woman Ronnie Barnes
ECD1027 She Made A Freak Out Of Me Lee Shot Williams
ECD1028 Love Freak Chuck Roberson
ECD1029 It’s A Beach Thang, Vol. III Various
ECD1030 Stroke It Barbara Carr
ECD1031 Memories Bill Coday
ECD1032 Mr. Freak Charles Wilson
ECD1033 A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Quinn Golden
ECD1034 Somebody’s After My Freak Lee Shot Williams
ECD1035 I’m Your Candy Man Chuck Roberson
ECD1036 The Best Of Ecko Records Vol.2 Various
ECD1037 Goin’ Jookin’ Charles Wilson
ECD1038 The Best Woman Barbara Carr
ECD1039 tjugofyra Rick Lawson
ECD1040 Sheba Sheba Potts-Wright
ECD1041 Sunny Ridell Sunny Ridell
ECD1042 Love Gangsta Bill Coday
ECD1043 On Q Quinn Golden
ECD1044 Let’s Party Chuck Roberson
ECD1045 Love Fest Sheba Potts-Wright
ECD1046 It’s A Beach Thang Vol. 4 Various
ECD1047 At His Best Ollie Nightingale
ECD1048 Pride & Joy Rick Lawson
ECD1049 Still The Queen Denise LaSalle
ECD1050 The Best Of Barbara Carr Barbara Carr
ECD1051 Dr. Feelgood Potts Dr. Feelgood Potts
ECD1052 Soul Blues Hits Various Artist
ECD1053 Bottom’s Up Quinn Golden
ECD1054 Juke Joint Saturday Night .Vol#2 Various Artists
ECD1055 A Woman Wants A Freak Chuck Roberson
ECD1056 I Wanna Have Some Fun Rick Lawson
ECD1057 Take Me Bill Coday
ECD1058 Get Down Tonight Lee Shot Williams
ECD1059 When The Dance Is Over Quinn Golden
ECD1060 Soul Blues Hits, Vol. 2 Various
ECD1061 Make It Talk Dr. Feelgood Potts
ECD1062 I Need A Cowboy To Ride My Pony Sheba Potts-Wright
ECD1063 Ladies Night Rick Lawson
ECD1064 It’s Just A Party Carl Sims
ECD1065 Shake What You Got O. B. Buchana
ECD1066 Wanted Denise LaSalle
ECD1067 Nibble Man Lee Shot Williams
ECD1068 I’ll Be Good To You Donnie Ray
ECD1069 I Can’t Stop Drinkin’ O. B. Buchana
ECD1070 On The Chitlin Circuit Various
ECD1071 Beach Music Party Various
ECD1072 Sexified Rick Lawson
ECD1073 Shake It Down Lorraine Turner
ECD1074 Soul Blues Hits vol. 3 Various
ECD1075 I’m Ready Carl Sims
ECD1076 Don’t Stop My Party Donnie Ray
ECD1077 Best Of Quinn Golden Quinn Golden
ECD1078 Big Hand Man Sheba Potts-Wright
ECD1079 You’re My Angel Ms. Jody
ECD1080 Starts With A “P” Lee Shot Williams
ECD1081 Down Low Brother Barbara Carr
ECD1082 I’m Gonna Sleep O. B. Buchana
ECD1083 Best Of Chuck Roberson Chuck Roberson
ECD1084 Brand New Man Sterling Williams
ECD1085 Best Of Charles Wilson Charles Wilson
ECD1086 Meat Man Lee Shot Williams
ECD1087 What You Gonna Do When The Rent Is Due Ms. Jody
ECD1088 Smooth Operator Donnie Ray
ECD1089 At His Best, vol. 2 Ollie Nightingale
ECD1090 Soul Blues Hits vol. 4 Various
ECD1091 Pay Before You Pump Denise LaSalle
ECD1092 It’s My Time… Barbara Carr
ECD1093 Goin’ Back Home O. B. Buchana
ECD1094 Somebody’s Cuttin’ My Cake David Brinston
ECD1095 Here I Go Again David Brinston
ECD1096 Can’t Stop Me Carl Sims
ECD1097 You’ve Got Me Donnie Ray
ECD1098 I Never Take A Day Off Ms. Jody
ECD1099 SeX-Rated Blues Various
ECD1100 What’s Wrong With Our Love? Mystery Man
ECD1101 21st Century Blues Various
ECD1102 Handle Your Business Sweet Angel
ECD1103 I’m A Bluesman’s Daughter Sheba Potts-Wright
ECD1104 Young Guns Of Southern Soul Various
ECD1105 I Should Have Stayed Scared Luther Lackey
ECD1106 Nothin’ But The Blues Earl Gaines
ECD1107 Southern Soul Country Boy O.B. Buchana
ECD1108 Party Time David Brinston
ECD1109 Caught ByThe Cat Donnie Ray
ECD1110 The Best OF Lee Shot Williams Lee Shot Williams
ECD1111 Ms Jody It’s A Ms Jody Thang
ECD2001 Soul Blues Hits TV Package (3 disc set) Various
ECD2002 It’s Christmas Baby! Various

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