A man singing

Eastside Blues in Austin, Texas – and Sweden…

A man singing
Birdlegg och Steve Fulton gtr.

Eddie Stout (excellent – and visual – bass player, Dialtone Records president, caretaker of the survival of ”the Eastsiders” blues musicians, and more) proved what American hospitality is all about, when he assembled a number of friends to perform exclusively for me and Jefferson at the restaurant Tom´s Tabooley, 2928 Guadelope Street in Austin.

To begin with Eddie introduced me to Mike Buck of LeRoi Brothers fame. (The band is still active! See Janne Rosenqvist´s interview with Mike in Jefferson issue 72, 1976.) Mike works at and is co-owner of Antone´s Record Shop, next door to the restaurant. Later in the week I had the pleasure of seeing Mike on drums with piano player Gene Taylor. By the way there are plans to open up the legendary Antone´s Club again at a new site.

Those who played and sang for me this fun and improvised evening were vocalists James Kuykendall, Birdlegg, Soul Man Sam, Andrea Dawson, flugelhorn player and singer Donald ”Duck” Jennings, ”Pee Wee” Calvin on keyboard/vocals, guitarist Stevie Fulton, Eddie Stout on bass guitar, and drummer Jason Mueller. Most of them have recorded for Eddie´s various labels.

Andrea Dawson and more
Andrea Dawson, Steve Fulton, “Duck” Jennings, Jason Moeller, Eddie Stout

Soul Man Sam and Birdlegg
Soul Man Sam och Birdlegg

Eddie Stout also informed me that September 12-13 Texas Folklife Resources and Dynaflow Records arrange the 3rd Eastside Kings Festival. 35 local bands and artists and with Texas roots (Milton Hopkins, Barbara Lynn, Sonny Rhodes, Classie Ballou, Jewel Brown…) will play at 12-15 venues within walking distance along 11th and 12th Streets in historic East Austin (downtown), recreating how the music life was in the district in the 1940/60s, when blues and rhythm & blues had its heyday. www.facebook.com/EastsideKingsFestival.

Last September Birdlegg and Eddie Stout accompanied by two Swedish musicians played the Live At Heart Festival in Örebro and dates in Norway. They now work on getting together a couple of extended Swedish tours in April/May and July. I really hope they succeed, and we will keep you updated. Swedish promoters/club owners can contact Clas Olofsson, 070-712 53 00, clasolofsson@yahoo.com.

Stout, Jennings and Pee Wee
Stout, Jennings, “Pee Wee”

Birdlegg and Eddie is a real treat to see and listen to. Harmonica player/singer Birdlegg is a born crowdpleaser. His No. 1 hero is Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller), and Birdlegg even looks and acts a lot like Sonny Boy! And Eddie is wonderful to watch, swaying his bass guitar totally involved in the music. Birdlegg can be heard on his self titled CD (Dialtone DT 0026), and Eddie Stout can be heard on numerous productions on his record labels.

Together with guitarist Stevie Fulton has Eddie also recently created a new label, Dynaflow, fresh with two releases by Bloodest Saxophone feat. Jewel Brown and Sherwood Fleming with the Moeller Brothers.

Text and photo: Tommy Löfgren

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