TRUDY LYNN – Om albumet ”Golden Girl”

Most of the songs on ”Golden Girl” were written by me, and some by my music producer of this CD, Terry Wilson. One song Terry and I did together.

I started writing the song ”Golden Girl” back in the late 80’s.. The idea came to me when I used to do a Sunday Blues matinee with IJ Gosey and the Supremes from 5pm to 9pm at a barbecue joint in Houston, Texas on Reed Road. Every Sunday these older ladies would come out to hear the blues. They were all professional women. Nurses, teachers, and other careers. They would be dressed up in their Sunday clothes ready for the Blues. They would go to church on Sunday mornings but sunday evening they came to hear the Blues. They would talk trash and enjoy themselves and eat barbecue or carry some home with them. I enjoyed singing to them and listening to them talk trash.What they were saying was the truth. It was funny but it was the truth. Now here I am a golden girl singing their song and living it and it’s all good. Everything must change if you live long enough God willing. They even had a social and charity club back in the day for women called The Golden Girls. They were classy ladies.”

Två frågor från Tommy Löfgren som vidarebefodrades till Trudy via Sallie på Nola Blue Records.

Also it would be nice if Trudy could say a few words for the article how she got in contact with Steve Krause.
I’ve been knowing Steve Krase for quite some time. We decided to record on his Connor Ray label in 2014. Did 4 CD’s on his label. He introduced me to Sallie Bengtson. She heard me sing acapella, ”Golden Girl.”  Signed me up on NOLA Blue and here l am. The #GoldenGirl.

Trudy seem also to write most of the stuff she perform. Can you ask how she write, if she have a method for it.
Most of the songs I write are about everyday things in life I see or sometimes maybe affect me in some way.  Take for instance IJS – ”I’m Just Saying.” I truly mean everything I say in there. IJS. I’m Just Saying.(Most people can relate) IJS. I’m Just Saying.

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