Louden, Vino #180 [English]

Vino Louden. Photo: Krister Palais

Rappin’ Chicago Blues. Calvin “Vino” louden is a Blues Artist with a world wide reputation. Probably most famous for his part as the bandleader and guitar player with Koko Taylor’s Blues Machine. Before that, he fronted with other stars; Bobby Rush, Cicero Blake, Otis Clay, Mighty Joe Young,to name a few. Yours Truly met Vino […]

Bang, Ida #180

Ida Bang

Länge har bluesen i Sverige och speciellt Stockholm dominerats av band och artister som kom fram på 90-talet och som då var unga. Sedan har det faktiskt inte hänt så mycket. De få nya som kommit fram sedan dess och faktiskt stannat kvar, kan nästan räknas på enda handens fingrar: Emil Arvidsson och Daniel Kordelius […]

Duchess, The #180 [English]

The Duchess

Interview of this soul/ blues singer by Mike Stephenson for Jefferson magazine took place in Memphis, October 2013. Many thanks go to Archie Love whose house the interview took place in. My name starts out with my mother never wanting a girl and expecting me to be a boy. So when I was born she […]

Mr Sipp (Castro Coleman) #180 [English]

Mr Sipp

Interview of this young guitarist, singer and songwriter by Mike Stephenson took place at the artist’s home in McComb, Mississippi, October 2013.Many thanks go to Peggy Brown for all of her help. My name is Castro Mantale Coleman and I was born in Magnolia, Mississippi which is four miles south of McComb, Mississippi where I […]

Thames JJ #180 [English]

JJ Thames

Interview of this Jackson, Mississippi based singer by Mike Stephenson in October 2013 at Hal & Mal’s club in Jackson. Many thanks go to Peggy Brown for arranging the session. I was born in 1982 in Pontiac, Michigan my father was from Virginia and my mother, her family were originally from Brazil, but she was […]

Singleton, Jarekus #180 [English]

Jarekues Singleton

Interview with this new and bright young blues talent by Mike Stephenson took place in Jackson, Mississippi in October 2013. Many thanks go to Peggy Brown for all of her help. I was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1984. My parents divorced when I was three which forced my mother to move to Clinton in […]