What Happens To The Widows? Jazzii A #178 [English]

Jazzii A

I’m Talking About the Wives of the Artists We Love and Has Gone to Soul Heaven What happened to the widows, the companions and the lovers of the artists that have gone home? As I sit and prepare this column for you, the late great Ambassador of the Blues, Mr. Bobby Blue Bland comes to […]

Latimore #178 [English]

Latimore photo jimmy thorell

Photo: Paul Harris STILL STRAIGHTENING IT OUT Not everyone has the ability to make a recording in 1974 which would stand the test of time but listen to Latimore’s ‘Let’s Straighten It Out’ which sounds as though it could have been recorded today. The minimal accompaniment of bass, drums and Latimore’s electric piano combined with […]

Baker, Vickie #178 [English]

Vickie Baker Photo: Mike Stephenson

Photo: Mike Stephenson I’m from Shreveport, Louisiana. I was born there and raised in Belcher, Louisiana, which is on the outskirts of Shreveport, so I am a country girl. My family is music; my dad and his brothers played gospel and they would probably have done some other types of music, but in that era […]

Avery, Mike #178 [English]

Mike Avery - photo: Mike Stepheson

Photo: Mike Stephenson My family come from a musical background. My mother sings and her whole family sings and I got cousins that sing in spiritual groups in Mississippi, and my father tried to play the saxophone, and for the most part as I remember as a child I always enjoyed music. And as a […]

Dead Soul #178

Dead Soull foto sten strand

Allt annat än dött Det var faktiskt via Expressen i våras namnet Anders Landelius fladdrade förbi som en bisats i en konsertrecension. Dead Soul? Va, det kan väl inte vara han? Helt rätt, det var han som tagit ett långt kliv fram in i de mest prestigefyllda musikkretsarna med något de kallar blues, vilket inte […]

Reed, Sofie #178

Sofie Reed Foto Anders Lillsunde

Missta er inte på utseendet Jag stod och tittade på Sofie när hon uppträdde på ett fullpackat Akkurat den 13 oktober. Där satt en snygg, blond helylletjej och spelade på ett folkmusikinstrument och pratade på bredaste Dalamål. Det var liksom midsommar i Rättvik och smågrodorna runt stången, något av det mest romantiskt ursvenska som finns. […]