The Men & Women on the Wheels of Steel pt2 #176 [English]

Jazzii Anderson in her studio

The Men & Women on the Wheels of Steel The Link Between the Artists, the Labels and the Consumers (Fans) (Part Two)   In my last article I brought you part one of this story and I told you that I would be interviewing some industry people. There were some that I felt could really […]

Perkins, Merle #176 [English]

Merle Perkins. Photo: Merle Perkins

This is a look into the life of a legendary blues drummer who’s dedication, contributions, and unique style of playing drums has brought him to stages all over the world. He continues with his legendary status and devotion to perform and record with the same passion that remains with him today, as it did in […]

Huff, Theo #176 [English]

Theo Huff. Photo: Mike Stephenson

Interview of this very young Chicago based soul/blues singer by Mike Stephenson took place in Chicago in June 2011 at the singers South side home. Many thanks go to Jim Feeney for arranging the interview. It all started when I was in High school when I was five years old I was actually living with […]

King Edward #176 [English]

King Edward. Photo: Peggy Brown

Interview of this Jackson, Mississippi, based guitarist and singer by Mike Stephenson took place in Jackson in June 2010. Many thanks go to Peggy Brown for arranging the interview for Blues & Rhythm. I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, my daddy was a sharecropper and I worked on a farm with him back in the […]

Delta Saints, The #176

The Delta Saints. Photo: The Delta Saints

Under 2007 sammanstrålade det som idag är Delta Saints i Nashville för att börja på College. Det är idag en välutbildad grupp där två av medlemmarna studerat musik och två musikbusiness. Det lyser igenom hela intervjutillfället. De har distans, målmedvetenhet samt koll, de utstrålar professionalism ända ut i fingerspetsarna. Grundgruppen består av Dylan Fitch gitarr, Ben […]

Ussery, Sorrento #176 [English]

sorrent ussery. Photo: Mike Stephenson

Interview conducted by Mike Stephenson at the artist’s home in Jackson, Mississippi in October 2012. Many thanks go to Peggy Brown for all of her help in arranging the interview. Lets talk about your early days first: I was born in Columbus, Mississippi, right on the Alabama line, and I was born with a visual […]