Bonds, Billy Soul #175 [English]

Billy Soul Bonds

                              Interview and photo by Mike Stephenson took place in Jackson, Mississippi in October 2012. Many thanks go out to Peggy Brown for arranging the interview. Let’s start with your early years:  I was born and raised in a small town in […]

The Men & Women on the Wheels of Steel #175 [English]

Jazzii A and Roscoe Miller

The Link Between the Artists, the Labels and the Consumers (Fans) Part 1: IntroductionSo many times these industry people are left out, forgotten and or never mentioned….The Men and Women on the Wheels of Steel. The awards are always given to the Producers, the Artists and the Writers. But what about the on-air personalities (be […]

Watkins, JT #175 [English]

JT Watkins

Interview conducted by Mike Stephenson for Blues & Rhythm in Jackson, Mississippi in June 2010. Many thanks go to Peggy Brown for arranging the interview. I was born right here in Jackson, Mississippi and this is where I have been most of my life other than for travelling a little bit. I first got started […]

Hammer, Jaye #174 [English]

Jaye Hammer. Photo: Mike Stephenson

Photo: Mike Stephenson We have had the privilege to present modern blues artists in the beginning of their career, artists who today since then risen to be some of the prominent stars on the southern soul scene. Karen Wolfe, Mr. Sam and Sweet Angel. Now we come to Jaye Hammer. We first noted him on […]

Where is Our Music Headed #171 [English]

TK Soul

Where is our music headed? That is the question that I’m asking. Is Hip Hop moving into Southern Soul? Is Southern Soul going Main Stream? Can we change the mindset of the Chittlin Circuit Artists? Will the artists on the Chittlin Circuit strive for more or be contended with where they are and with what […]

Ms Jody #171 [English]

Ms Jody

MS. Jody is the fastest rising star of the southern soul. She may be the currently closest to a cross over to mainstream R & B as white circles. Yet, in her music is not found any traces of smoothing or conformation.

Rush, Bobby #170 [English]

Bobby Rush Photo: Hans Ekestang

This interview was prompted because of my troubled spirit for the way this genre known as the ‘Chittlin Circuit’ is ignored, stepped on, and treated by fellow artists…

King, Eddie #169 [English]

Eddie King

Blues has got me The Blues world has many Kings. We all know about B.B., Albert and Freddie. In addition are Earl King, from New Orleans and Bobby King, also from Louisiana. From Memphis, TN came the late Little Jimmy King, who’s real name was Manuel Gales. He legally changed his name to King, after […]

Marshall, Carl #169 [English]

Carl MArshall

Finally after a year or so of trying, we are able to present Carl Marshall, currently one of the most prominent personalities in Southern Soul. He appeared in the editor’s mind in connection with the song Good Lovin ’Makes You Cry, as he did for many others    

Waiters, Mel # 168 (English)

Mel Waiters Photo: Joseph Rosen

I´m more of a soul artist, R&B soul artist, because my songs are not played on just blues (radio) shows in the US. My songs are mixed in with J´Neen, Legacy.

Jackson, Vasti #167 [English]

Vasti Jackson photo: Krister Palais

I’m a guitarist, I’m a musician, I’m a reader, I’m a writer, I’m a producer. I never stopped to analyze my singing voice that much. If some one needs me to sing, I sing, you know.

Charles, Bobby #166 [English]

Bobby Charles foto:

foto: Bobby Charles died on 14th January 2010 at the age of 71. He was famed as the writer of ’See You Later, Alligator’, ’Walking To New Orleans’, ’But I Do’ and ‘The Jealous Kind’. Stories concerning Cajun-born Bobby abounded: ”…he is a hermit…”; ”…he talks to no-one…” etc., etc.. Indeed, in 1986 swamp […]

Fleetwood Mac #152 (english)


FLEETWOOD MAC   Peter Green and Bela. Interview with Bela Swardmark-Stephens about a band who reached cult status  By: Birgitta Larsson    Photograph courtesy of Bela Swardmark-Stephens  This year (2007) it’s 40 years ago since the legendary band Fleetwood Mac was founded. Since few blues bands have made such an impact on the world musical scene […]

Turner, Ike (english) #116

Ike Turner Taking back his name Yours truly møtte Ike Turner under Notodden Blues Festival 10-årsjubileum. Ike Turner Revue var ett av de tre stora affischnamnen før festivalen. Han var mærkbart spænd och nervøs infør møtet med pressen på presskonferensen, troligen av tidigare negativa orsaker. Men nær han gav en personlig, smått exklusiv intervju, øppnade […]