Love, Archie #173 [English]

Archie Love Photo: Mike Stephenson

Interview of Archie Love by Mike Stephenson of Blues & Rhythm magazine took place in Memphis in June 2012 at the artist’s home for Jefferson Blues Magazine.   If we could start at the beginning and get you to describe where you were born and how you got into the music business? I was born […]

Mack, Sonny #173 [English]

Sonny Mack

Going for gold! November 6, 1977, Berliner Jazz Tage: ”First on the scene was Melvin ’Harmonica’ Hinds and guitarist William ’Bom-Bay’ Carter. The duo shared vocals in two fine songs. A promising start of the concert. What followed would prove to be the highlight of the concert. Hinds / Carter were joined by William ’Dead […]

Knight, Jean #173 [English]

Jean Knight Photo: Ronnie Booze

The Real Story Behind “Mr. Big Stuff”   Well I must start out by saying it is truly a Blessing and a honor to have such a moment as this, to interview you, the legendary Jean Knight, known all across the land for your hit song “Mr. Big Stuff”. By no way or means am […]